Miniatures of the North

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The Miniatures

All my miniatures are original designs and not intended to slot into an existing range or serve as proxies for other manufacturers.


For that reason my miniatures might not scale up exactly with your collection!

For the sake of clarity these are not scale miniatures.


Hands, guns, faces and equipment are stylised as a design choice and to accommodate the production medium (metal or resin).


If you scaled a real person down to this size my miniatures would be distorted and out of scale by comparison.


Style and Size is a more appropriate descriptor instead of Scale.


In reference to the industry buzz word 'heroic' scale, Miniatures of the North should not be classed as heroic scale.

What scale are they?


All miniatures, designs and images are copyright Miniatures of the North, reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.




Email me in the first instance:



All payments are transacted through Paypal offering complete customer protection. No Paypal account is required to purchase from Miniatures of the North – Paypal accepts all major credit cards.


Orders will be shipped within 2-3 days upon receipt of payment. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.


In an effort to operate as “paperless” as possible all invoices and confirmations will only ever be transmitted electronically.

If you are unsatisfied with the miniatures I will refund you upon return receipt of the miniatures in their original condition: please email me in the first instance and provide photos of any problems as evidence.


Purchaser is responsible for shipping charges and I will not refund the original shipping costs.

All shipping is recorded delivery via Royal Mail.


Cost will be calculated based on weight of final order and communicated via email prior to billing in PayPal.